Claudia De Foe

Claudia De Foe is a professional photographer/cinematographer with 4 years experience in video production. Claudia experiences enable her to interpret the client’s requirements and offer creatives ideas to enhance productivity.


Claudia De Foe is the creative master behind Beyond Basketball and Red Roo Basketball media. Claudia first stared working with us in the late 2017 at the South Sudanese Summer Slam Basketball Tournament held in Werribee.

She has successfully completed her Bachelor of Film and Television at JMC Academy and is currently working on project call The Zambian Film Project which is about empowering young filmmakers in Zambia to be able to make films and tell their own story. Claudia has a great passion not only for films but for sport as well. She is  great help and a big part of our team.




  • WORK

Claudia approaches Film making as a form of keeping record of the best moments in life, including sporting achievements, camaraderie and human connection.

  • Bachelor Degree in Film and Television 
  • Attended JMC Academy  
  • 2018: The Zambian Film Project
  • 2018: Saltwater Production House
  • 2019: Account Manager at C31 Melbourne and Geelong