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We provide a range of different training programs that are designed to suit everyone’s needs and wants regardless of their age, ability and skills level. All of our programs focus on developing skills and teaching the game of basketball to the future generations. Our goal is to help prepare you by developing your skills and knowledge of the game.


Our goal is to help and support you in developing your skills and becoming the best player you can ever be both on court and off court. we work with you in areas such shooting, passing, ball-handling, defence and rebounding. Off courts is about preparing you for the real world. What can you do besides playing basketball?


It is important to understand and know that everyone has different strengths and weaknesses when it comes to basketball. We believe there’s always room for improvement. At beyond basketball we work with you in finding different ways to improve your weaknesses and strengths, which will allow you to perform better and contribute to your team in games.


Beyond basketball is all about teaching kids/athletes that there are no short-cuts to being great and there’s no magic to it. Being great at something takes hard, consistent work and time. The best players are usually the ones that work the hardest both on court and off court. If you don’t push yourself to be the best, sooner or later the players that work the hardest on court and off court will rise to the top. Beyond Basketball pushes you to be the best that you can be.


We believe in leadership, that’s why everyone at our program is provided with the opportunity to be a leader. One of our biggest goal is to create young leaders that will change and impact the game of basketball tomorrow. We want our players to become much more confident in leading others and develop leadership skills that will help them become better leaders in the future.


We understand that playing sport isn’t always about trying to become the next big star. Basketball helps you develop skill movements that you will carry over to other sports and activities later on in the future such as going to the gym and staying active. Children that are not involved in sporting programs normally will not be confident enough in themselves or their physical ability to become active when they grow older. We encourage the importance of regular exercise, eating healthy and always looking after your body.


Beyond basketball believe in all athletes and children. We encourage all our players to be the best they can be by creating an environment where maximum growth can happen. This will lead to having confidence in your ability to be better and great while doing what you enjoy and love doing both on court and off court. Beyond basketball is a place where you can grow and learn and understand that making mistakes is alright because they will show you ways you can improve your game. Always remember to believe in yourself.


Motivation is the fuel element that allows players to get to the next level. At Beyond basketball we use that fuel to get you to that next level. Good habits lead to good actions, because habits are a big reason why kids/athletes stay motivated or not. Beyond basketball works hard in motivating players not only to become better individuals but to become better team players. Motivating players to learn and grow both on court and off court.


Change can be defined as an act or process through which something becomes different. Beyond Basketball provide you with opportunities to learn and grow. Taking your game beyond is a process that requires hard work, commitment and time. Change is important and we want all our athletes to be able to change their game both on court and off court by becoming leaders. We encourage children’s health and wellbeing and emphasise the importance of education. To change you must be creative and not afraid to fail.


Beyond Basketball was established with the aim of helping other young people that love the game of basketball become leaders in the community through sporting programs. Playing basketball or any other sport provides a range of different opportunities to the health and wellbeing of both athletes and children. Sports provide job opportunities for athletes, teaches children the importance of education, keeps them physically fit and helps boost their self-confidence and enables social interaction.


To find our more information about our programs and services please go to programs and select which program suits you or child best.


A great way for children to connect and interact with other children by playing basketball.



Children get to learn about playing basketball, starting with the basic fundamentals of the game.



Children get to stay active and healthy by learning and growing in a safe environment.