Going Beyond means Learning, Experiencing and Growing

Going Beyond means to learn, experience and grow. We want to see you develop, improve and learn new skills. Have the best experience ever and come back for more. Grow as a player and as a person by going BEYOND




We are a developing sporting organization that aims on manifesting passion and ambition by creating a positive healthy lifestyle that will encourage and engage children’s to participate in sporting activities. Our goal is to help prepare, support and provide everyone with the same opportunities to take their game to the next level both on court and off courts.

Our Programs

We offer a range of different training programs and services that are suitable for all children and athletes in a safe learning environment. Beyond basketball work hard in providing children with the opportunity to learn, experiences and grow. Our programs focuses on learning, preparing, skills development and building confidence.

Our Services

Beyond Basketball is committed to providing children and athletes a platform where their can reach their full potential to learn, experience and grow. Our Programs/Services are designed to engage and encourage everyone to participate in sporting activities. Some of our services include game-tapes, video editing and working closely with local clubs and teams.


Our Programs and Services are affordable and flexible for everyone to join. STARTING FROM $15.00 a session. Contact us if you have any enquire about the range of training programs and services that are available for you here at Beyond Basketball.

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Which classes?

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Our classes

Beyond Basketball

There are a range of different training programs and services that we provide here at Beyond Basketball. Go to our ‘PROGRAMS’ to find out more information about the training programs and services that we offer.

Kids Training

The kids training program is a great way for children to learn the basic fundamental of the game. This program provide children with the opportunity to learn, experience, grow as well as connecting with other children within their age group. Go to Kids Training Programs to find out more!!

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School Training

The After School Program run for 1 hour half an hour of skills work and the other half of playing games and scrimmaging. This program teaches children the importance of education keeps them physically fit and helps boost their self-confidences and social interaction.

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Group Training

The group-training program allows player’s to compete and work together in a game enivornment. its a great to learn, grow and build your confidence. Player’s get to work in a small group and test their skills, knowledge and abilities in team environment situations. Team work

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1 on 1 Training

The 1 on 1-training-program dynamic allows you to work on a particular aspect of your game such as shooting, dribbling and skills development. This is great way for players to learn and work on crafting their game as well as improving game awareness. Hard Work Pay OFF

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To Go Beyond isn’t always about what you do on the court, but what you do outside the basketball court. That is changing the game inspiring the next generations by using your skills, knowledge and experiences. That is GOING BEYOND